Breathe In, Breathe Out And Relax At Home

According to a recent poll by the Independent, young adults in the UK spend more than 6 hours a day feeling stressed out. In fact, while stress is no novelty, what is new is that it affects young people in such high numbers.

Feeling emotionally under the weather or constantly under pressure are emotions that we have learned to ignore over time. We fool ourselves into thinking that stress is part of the normal and typical adult life. The truth is that while you can’t get rid of stressful situations as part of your professional and social environment, you need to establish a relaxing and soothing place at home where you can recharge your batteries and eliminate the worries of the day. But making your home a peaceful sanctuary requires hard work too!


Make your home a haven of tranquillity


What causes stress at home?

Your home might be described as a safe retreat, but in reality, a lot of people experience high stress even when they’re at home. As surprising as it might sound, it’s not uncommon for professionals to experience pressure more dramatically at home than they do in the office. One of the most obvious reasons for this lies in the natural imbalance of organisation at home compared to the workplace. Indeed, despite a hectic work environment, employees can rely on the regularity of deadlines, tasks and project briefs to carry on their work. Households, however, lack a clear schedule of actions which can lead to uncertainty and stressful responsibilities in families.

Additionally, many people find it hard to disconnect from their social and professional worries when they’re at home. Creating a fresh, clear and happy space is key to tackle these issues.


Remind yourself of happy times

Do you remember that happy time when you went on holiday with your other half? Or do you often think of an evening spend with friends where you laughed and sang all night long?

In other words, everyone has memories they cherish and find strength into. To make the most of the serotonin-high times in your life – serotonin is a hormone that the body produces when it’s relaxed and that automatically stimulates happiness –, why not surround yourself of the pictures of your favourites events. You can get quality printouts from smartphone photos at a low cost – and using frames lets you create an accent wall filled with memories and smiles. What kind of images work best to relax your mind:

  • Pictures of family vacations
  • Your wedding or birth announcement photos
  • Photos of you and your parents and siblings when you were young
  • A funny selfie with your best friend
  • Etc.


Freshen up the space

Happy memories are one way to trick the brain. A quiet and inviting area is another way to introduce both organisation and peacefulness at home. Indeed, freshening up your environment with a quick tidy can do wonders for your mood. After all, a cluttered and messy room affects the way you deal with negative thoughts, making it hard to let go of the worries of the day.

In conclusion, getting rid of tensions in your life starts at home. You need to create a cosy and happy nest to de-stress at the end of the day.


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