How To Create A Practical Stylish Garden For Entertaining Guests

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If you’re on the lookout for ways to enhance and change your garden to suit your love of entertaining, you should know the two most essential elements of this process to keep in mind are practicality and style. Keeping these two factors as a priority as you change your garden will ensure you consistently work towards making your guests feel comfortable and happy in their surroundings.

The below sections walk you through the planning stage initially and then onto the ideas you can incorporate into your garden to impress your guests and turn your drab back garden into somewhere you feel proud to host BBQ’s, outdoor tapas parties, birthday parties and so on in the warmer months of the year.


Prep And Planning

First of all, planning of some description is needed to initiate the style and look you wish to achieve. You should also take into consideration practicality too, for instance, if you envision having the entire garden paved, this may not be the best option if you have children (who tend to be safer on cushy flooring such as grass in case they fall over), to have picnics, set up tents etc. Create a brainstorm on paper to work out the styles you like, and what purposes you want your garden to serve, and then map a rough sketch on a piece of paper to work out where your large BBQ will fit, where you’ll put your garden furniture and so on, before moving to the next step.

Coupled with planning, prepping your garden prior to making changes is essential in order to envision your gardens potential and to identify any feature points you can work with to transform your garden, for instance, a brick wall that could work as a backdrop for climbing plants, a spectacular view from your patio across the countryside.

Once you’ve established what you will mainly be using your garden for and you’ve prepped, trimmed and weeded, you’re ready to look at your options explore, and pick and choose from the ideas below to transition your garden to greatness.



If your existing fencing looks tired and worn, you may want to consider replacing your fence panels, or as a cost-effective alternative, you could always update the appearance with a few brushes of paint. You could choose a charcoal grey hue for a modern/contemporary feel, or opt for a light blue to replicate a seaside feel to the garden. Either way, changing, painting, or even both can immediately transform the look of your garden to emulate a practical and contemporary feel. You may wish to add a trellis as an alternative to typical fence panels, this is a good option if you have a beautiful view from your garden.



Grass can be quite an unreliable foundation to rest garden furniture upon, which is why creating a flat, level, hard surface is essential for placing your sun loungers, BBQ, and dining furniture on. With an array of weatherproof outdoor flooring available, you can pick and choose the colour and style of floor that represents the look you are hoping to achieve. Whether you like the appearance of white slabs to add a Mediterranean feel to the garden or you like the appearance of stone effect patios, hard flooring of some description is an excellent choice for those who love to entertain during the hot summer days and warm summer nights.


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Fire Pit

If space allows, installing a fire pit is a stylish focal point for your garden, that you could choose to position your outdoor rattan furniture near too. Not only does the fire pit impress guests, it will keep you and your guests warm when the weather is chilly and also creates a new space for you to congregate and chat.



A little outhouse usually referred to as a summer house is a practical option if the sun is beating down on the garden, it provides your guests with shelter and an opportunity to seek shade. However, summer houses require a solid flat foundation to be built upon, so ensure you have the room and resources to provide this before considering purchasing a summer house. Once you have your summer home, you can paint and decorate it to embody some personality and style.



An understated and cost-effective tip for those wanting to add style to their garden is to buy some lights and strategically place these around the yard. For instance, you could choose to plot some solar lights along the garden path or purchase the lights that sit on the top edge of the fence panels. A desirable option that is great for entertaining guests outside at night is to connect a set of lights in the undercarriage mechanisms of your garden umbrella, or string the back and forth between two opposing fence panels. Lights create ambience and have its practical uses of enabling your guests to see in the dark too.


Garden Furniture

Chances are you will have or need garden furniture for your guests. If you already have garden furniture, however, it’s looking a bit dull, and weather-beaten don’t be afraid to have a go at painting your furniture to give it a new lease of life. There are plenty of weatherproof paints available in an array of colours to, so you’re not limited on stylish options either. You may choose to go for a modern, clean-cut bright white and team this with some geometric blue and white cushions for the seats to create a contemporary feel.

At the end of the day, when guests have gone home and you need to just chill, a hammock may be the perfect final addition to your garden. Somewhere cosy and comfortable to put your feet up after a long day of entertaining. Remember to store these away during the colder months to protect them from bad weather!

The main points to consider when choosing the style, colour scheme, furniture and so forth is practicality and style, not just for entertaining guests but also to suit the needs of you too! Which means that although a garden teeming with an abundance of flowers would be beautiful, is it practical in terms of the time it will take for you to maintain your garden throughout the seasons? Or would this gradually amount to an arduous task that saps up your time. So, although you being conscientious of your guests is kind, ensure the kind primarily fits your personal requirements first and then move onto what you think would work well for entertaining.

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