Does Moving Have To Leave You Pulling Your Hair Out?

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I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say that there’s a lot to think about when you’re moving house. From the finances to the logistics of it, there are at least million and one things to think about. That’s why it’s hardly surprising that occasionally things can get forgotten about. This is, of course, to be expected. Nobody’s perfect, especially when we’re having to deal with the stress and chaos of moving. Of course, the last thing you want is for that stress and chaos to really get the best of you and leave you feeling like you’re ready to pull your hair out. With that in mind, here are some things that you can do in order to make the process of moving house just a little bit easier and less stressful.


Get some help

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of people make that ends up causing them more stress than it solves is to assume that they can handle the whole thing themselves. After all, you’re going to be saving a whole lot of money on movers and how hard can it be to move your stuff from one house to another? Well, the truth is that is can be pretty hard indeed. Not only that but you’re probably not going to save that much money either. After all, you’re probably going to need to hire a moving van, unless you think that squeezing a couch and a bunch of wardrobes into a five-seat hatchback is a good idea. Because of that, it really is best to hire removals company to take care of the heavy lifting, both figuratively and literally, for you. That way you’re going to not only save yourself a whole lot of time and stress, but you can focus on the more organisational side of things which will make it much less likely that things get missed or forgotten about or ignored.    


Plan things in advance

If there’s one thing that you absolutely cannot do when it comes to your house move, it’s trying to wing it. The reality is that moving house can be a long and complicated process and trying to just do everything as you go is going to turn the whole thing into a chaotic mess that leaves you feeling utterly burnt out and overwhelmed. Instead, you need to make sure that you’re doing as much planning as possible in order to ensure that the whole thing goes off as smoothly as possible. This means that you need to know what is being packed into each box, where they will need to go while you’re waiting on moving day, where the movers are going to need to put each box when they take them to the new house, and what order is best to start unpacking things. If you’re not planning your move in advance then you’re just setting yourself up for the most miserable experience possible.


Label your boxes

How many times have you reached your new home and been absolutely desperate for a hot drink? Only to realise that you have no idea where you packed the kettle! This is one of the most common frustrations that only ever appears when you get to the other side of the move. When you’re getting everything ready, it can be tempting just to throw things in boxes and forget them for a little while. But when that happens, you’re going to start mixing things up and losing track of where everything is. It’s so stressful packing everything up that it can seem like bothering to label the boxes is just one job too many. But trust me, you’ll be so grateful you took those extra few seconds to write “kitchen appliances” on the side of the box when you’re dying for a cup of coffee.




Think about the awkward items

Are you sure the sofa will fit in the car? Are you really sure? Nothing can be more frustrating than realising that some item of furniture doesn’t fit and you’ll need to move some other way at the last minute. When it comes to your larger or more complicated items, measure them up and figure out how you’ll move them well in advance. If you want to move your pool table, don’t trust that the moving van will have the space. And even if it does, don’t trust that the movers will take the best possible care of it.


Have an “easy access” box

Sometimes a move can take a while. It would be great if it took a single day and then was all done and dusted. But that’s not the world we live in. The truth is that most of us end up surrounded by boxed both before and after the move for far longer than you might want or expect. Not only that but there are few things more frustrating than wanting something in the moment only to realise that it’s at the bottom of a sealed box that is, itself, at the bottom of a pile of other boxes. Just in case your move takes longer than you expected, make sure you’ve got a box of the essentials that you can access easily. The very last thing you want is to have to dig through piles of boxes looking for an inhaler!


Here’s the harsh truth of moving home that you might not really be happy to hear: it’s always going to be difficult and it’s always going to be stressful. That’s just a fact of life that you’re going to have to come to terms with. There really is no way that you’re ever going to be able to make moving home a fun or pleasant experience. However, if you make sure that you’re doing these kinds of things then you’re going to be able to make sure that, at the very least, the stress is as minimal as possible and you’re going to be able to get through the whole process as quickly as possible.

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