How To Plan For A Year Of Travelling

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The chance to spend any extended amount of time – especially a year or more traveling is something that many people would love the chance to do, and these days it’s fast becoming more common to be able to do this and many people are actually turning traveling into a lifestyle with their family, so the restrictions that were once there just aren’t as much of an issue anymore.

So, if traveling the world for a year is something that’s soon going to be a reality for you, then you’ll want this experience to be unforgettable in the best possible way and not have it be full of stress or things going wrong. Of course, sometimes things just happen that are outwith our control and although these things can’t be helped, it’s never a bad idea to try and take steps before going that can help avoid such things happening, or at least overshadow the trip.


Plan ahead:

Most things that aren’t planned out at least a little bit are usually going to be a bit of a disaster at worse, and at best a little chaotic. Especially if you’re going to be travelling for at least a year, then it’s definitely a good idea to make some kind of plan. Of course you don’t have to stick to it rigidly because the whole point of travelling is to live life on your terms with complete freedom, but it definitely helps to have some kind of road map to make things a bit easier to follow and stay organised.


Speak to your boss:

If you’re considering going travelling for a year, but also plan to come back home once you’re done, then it’s worth talking to your boss about the possibility of keeping your job for you  – or at least having the chance to work in another job for the same company once you return. This may not always be possible, but it’s definitely something that’s worth asking because you never know, and it’s better to ask and be able to have a job waiting for you when you come back rather than having to start over.


Look into renting your place out:

A good way of making sure your mortgage payment is covered, or that you at least have a place to come back to is by renting it out while you’re away. If you rent your place from someone else, then you’ll need their permission to sublet, but overall this is less hassle for everyone since the rent is still getting paid, you have a place when you come back, and the landlord doesn’t need to find a new tenant whilst you’re away. If you own your place, then it’s a little bit easier to rent it on places like AirBnB, etc, and it’s also a good way to ensure your mortgage payments are still being met whilst you’re gone.


Put your things in storage:

If you’re not able to rent your place out, then a good idea is to use a company like Magenta Storage to keep your things safe whilst you’re gone so that you don’t have to worry about selling them or getting new stuff when you come back.

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