Creating a Healthier Living Environment

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With the New Year now upon us, we are all wanting to create a healthier life for ourselves, and whilst most people consider this to be limited to going to the gym, trying new activities such as boxing, and eating healthier foods, our living environment can have a massive effect on our health – particularly our mental health.

In that vein, we’re going to to take a look at some of the most important aspects to consider with regard to  creating a healthier living environment as it relates to your mental health.

Clean and tidy

We’re all told from an early age to keep our bedroom clean and tidy, yet, as we become adults we lose this accountability.  Now, most people prioritise keeping their house clean and tidy, yet many find themselves living in a cluttered environment that feels quite chaotic.  When you have a cluttered and chaotic space, it can make you feel cluttered and chaotic within your mind.

Indeed, the term “tidy house tidy mind” is a popular term for a reason.  You therefore want to keep your house clean, tidy and uncluttered.  As a first step you might want to consider going through all of your drawers, cupboards and wardrobes with a view to having a good sort out.  

There’s no better time than the New Year to do this, though many people will wait until the traditional Spring Clean to thoroughly cleanse their home.

In addition to the emotional benefits of living in a less cluttered space, there are practical benefits too – such as things will be easier to find and life will feel a lot more organised.  In fact, if you have ever met someone that seems a little ungrounded, perhaps even unhinged, you can almost guarantee their home environment will be cluttered and messy.

You therefore want to declutter your home (and your car).


Ensure plenty of light

Light has a profound effect on our mental health.  The more natural light you have coming into a room, the more uplifted you will feel.  That said, employing mood lighting approaches such as scandi lighting, candles, or salt crystal lamps can have a positive effect too – particularly in the evenings.


Different spaces for different purposes

Finally, it’s really important you have different spaces for different purposes – this is particularly important if you work from home.  

The reason for this is that it helps your brain associate with different mental states – for instance, when in your bedroom you want your brain to associate a state of relaxation and winding down.  Similarly, if you are wanting to focus on your work, it can be helpful to sit in a home office, or even the dining room table.


If you sit in bed, and work, whilst it can be physically comfortable and might even feel like a luxurious treat it confuses your brain as it doesn’t know which switch to flick – relaxation or focus.  Therefore, use different spaces within your home for different purposes, as this way you will be in the best emotional state for the purpose; be it work or rest.

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