4 Fun Alternative Ideas For Bridesmaid’s Dresses

Choosing your own wedding dress is a monumental task and you’ll spend so long looking through hundreds of different dresses before you get it right. But you can’t rest easy just yet, because you’ve got to pick the bridesmaids dresses out as well. Usually, you just go for something that accents your dress quite well which is fine, but it’s not the most exciting way to choose and you’ve got to consider price as well. When you’ve already got the rest of the costs to handle, finding some cheap bridesmaids dresses can be a real help. With that in mind, here are some great alternative ideas for your bridesmaid’s dresses.




Let Them Wear Their Own

If you want to save yourself the hassle of choosing another dress and save yourself some money at the same time, you could just let them bring their own. It’s a great frugal wedding idea that can work really well but you’ve got to be careful. If you just let people have free reign, you might end up with something that you hate and nobody wants that on their wedding day. But if you give people guidelines about colour and style then let them pick their own, most people should be able to find something nice to wear. Just make sure that you see them before the big day to make sure that you like them.


Colours Of The Rainbow

Traditionally, the bridesmaids will all wear matching dresses but there’s no reason why you can’t do something different. Having your bridesmaids dress in all different colours of the rainbow is a great fun idea that is a little different, but they’ll all look good together still. This is especially effective if you’re having a summer wedding because you can get some nice summer dresses (like these great ones at Petal and Pup) in all different colours of the rainbow. It’s a more comfortable option for your bridesmaids and it’ll add a bit of colour to the wedding party as well.


Choose A Specific Era

If there is a certain era of fashion that you love but you still want your dress to be a more traditional one, why not incorporate it through your bridesmaids? It might be the 20’s flapper style, bright floral patterned dresses in the 50’s style or a 60’s style dress. Whatever you choose, it’ll still look great as long as everybody is matching. You could also add a few accessories in that style to your own dress so you’re matching as well.


Mismatched Pastels

People are always reluctant to mix and match colours with their bridesmaid’s dresses but, just like the colours of the rainbow idea, it works as long as you find colours that accent one another well. Pastels are always a great choice for this because they’re very light in colour and the differences between them are very subtle.


These are all great ideas for alternative bridesmaids dresses but really, the options are endless. It’s your day so as long as you’re happy, you can do what you like and have a bit of fun with it.

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