Setting The Right Tone For Your Website

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Creating the best website you can for your followers and new customers is an essential part of any online marketing plan. When it comes to branding your business and selling yourself to people all over the world it is crucial to set the right tone from the moment people enter your website. Here are some of our simple tips and tricks to make sure that you can set a good tone for your website from the moment people click.


Choose your platform

The first decision you will have to make for your website is which platform you want to use. It might not seem like it, but the CMS system you choose for your website can have an effect on how it looks and how it is perceived by viewers. For example if you have a business website rather than a personal blog, WordPress is more professional than platforms like Wix or Blogger. Make sure you choose a good system which sets the tone and makes people aware of the type of business you are.


Pick a great theme

The best stage of your website build will be to choose a theme for the site. Most platforms will give you a whole range of themes to choose from and you can use resources like to see which designs people enjoy more than others. Make sure to take your time picking a theme and ensure that it goes along with the type of business you are.


Use a good colour scheme

The colour scheme you choose for your brand and your website will have a much higher impact than you think on the way people see you. When it comes to choosing the colours for your website you will want to be sure that they reflect the right tone for you. For example a florist or a wedding planner will suit more pastel colours, whereas a clothing brand might choose brighter colours. Look at other similar brands to see what colours they use as inspiration.


Add imagery

If you want to create a website which wows everyone who visits it, one of the best things you can do is add some stunning images to the forefront. If you are a financial business this could include images of stock graphs or money, and if you are an outdoor clothing brand it could be images of people climbing mountains and swimming in the sea. Make sure to use images which are relevant but also ones which will grab the attention of the reader.


Consider your font

Font is more important than you could ever imagine on a website. Whether you use Times New Roman or Comic Sans will have a massive effect on the way your company is perceived. It can be handy to look at a site such as DaFont which allows you to download a font to use for your brand. This can be something which is unique to you and also something which looks professional and is easy to read!

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