Garden Outbuilding Ideas That’ll Bring Your Garden To Life



Outbuildings don’t have to be dull, utilitarian facilities for keeping tools and animals. But all too often that’s how they end up, ruining the look of your garden.

The good news, though, is that they needn’t be ugly. In fact, garden outbuildings can be stunning, providing the perfect backdrop to your design. Take a look at these ideas.




A Cart Lodge

Bricked garaging rarely complements homes in rural settings. It looks too formal and sometimes a bit “forced.” Cart lodges, on the other hand, give you the best of both worlds, providing a place to keep your vehicles but without the eyesore.

Cart lodges are essentially open garages which provide shelter for vehicles, but they look much more stylish than traditional garages, thanks to their natural timber design. Cart lodges can accommodate as many vehicles as you require, and can easily be extended, thanks to the way they are made.


Bespoke Animal Shelters

Many stable blocks were built to the lowest cost possible. As a result, they can be ugly. Typically, they have corrugated metal roofs or walls, and often can’t be moved. Mobile field shelters, on the other hand, are not only stylish, but they can also be taken down and put up elsewhere, as your animals require. Bespoke animal shelters look like regular garden sheds, but with additional helpful features to provide your animals with a higher quality of life.



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Suffolk-Style Sheds

Hipped roofs are rarely part of outbuilding design, but they can provide a stunning backdrop to any garden, helping to break up stark roof lines and make the whole backyard feel cosier. Suffolk style sheds with hipped roofs look like miniature houses, improving your overall aesthetic. Suffolk sheds pair particularly well with bright garden shrubs and can provide the basis for climbing vines, hanging pot plants, and surrounding flower beds.


A Garden Annex

The word annex is often associated with the banal and the mundane – simply an extra space in which people can live on a property, perhaps with kitchen and bathroom facilities. But annexes don’t have to be boring. In fact, with the right vision, a garden annex can serve as an extra living space, allowing you to enjoy a coveted indoor-outdoor lifestyle, especially in the summer.

The best garden annexes are not mere hideaways: they’re fully-fledged garden homes, complete with all the facilities you might need to get the best out of what your garden has to offer. Many people choose to install plumbing in their garden annexes (which may require planning permission) so that they can cook and go for rest breaks, without having to trudge back indoors.

Garden annexes can also be used as guest quarters, particularly if you live in warmer climes. However, if you offer annexes to guests during the winter months, make sure that you provide heating and a log burner. Temperatures can drop at night, and annexes may not have enough insulation to retain heat.


So there you have it: some ideas for stunning outbuildings to help you get the most out of your garden.


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