Can You Enjoy Your Winter Garden?

Are you someone who’s proud of their garden? Maybe you take a lot of care fixing it up during the spring and summer, down on your knees in the hands and dirt with a lopsided hat on your head? It’s a great hobby to have, and it’s one you often bemoan the loss of during the colder and windier months.

But do you have to let go of your love of gardening during the winter season? After all, there’s quite a few winter plants out there that can be planted round about now, and you might be missing out on some quality time with your outside space. Let’s fix that.

Your garden has plenty of style to it in the summer, but during the winter? Maybe not so much. However, you can quickly change that, with a few quick fixes here and there, and maybe some heftier ones later on. Here’s a few of the best recommendations, just to make sure you can still spend time in the garden this winter.


If the bushes bordering your garden are starting to look like this, it’s time to revitalise them! (Image)


Get Tidying!

The garden can get quite messy in winter, and no one is going to want to sit out there and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells with leaves all over the yard, some muddy sludge in the corner, and the tools spilling out of the shed! So first of all, you’re going to have to put your gloves on, wrap up in a coat and scarf, and then get on with tidying things up.

Rearrange the shed if you need to, to make sure everything fits inside and then you can lock the door – it’s a good idea to keep things warm and dry in there anyway, to make sure there’s no weakness in the planks, seeing as you’ve already stained the exterior wood to keep the structure protected in the wind and rain. And then get some garden sacks together, to make sure you’ve got plenty of containers and space to use to get all of the mess out of the garden as well. Pack all of the dirt you want gone inside of these, and even see if you can build yourself a composting pit at the back of your garden – it would be good for you to use this ready made substance for the New Year to get your spring fruits and vegetables growing.


Install Some Window Boxes

If you don’t have anywhere to plant in the ground currently, whether this is because you’ve got some overgrown trees and bushes you’re not up to tackling yet, or you just don’t have the space to get your winter flowers and plants in the ground, you can use window boxes. And these are a great way to add some colour to your outdoors space – you can get them in varying sizes, and then mount them on any window or underneath it, or simply slide them into the little room you have available to decorate within. Imagine how well they’re going to frame the furniture you already have out there!

And then it comes to needing to plant something – there’s a lot more available to you during the winter than you might think. All sorts of colourful flowers can be added in here, and you can have different plants that flower at different times of the winter season, as well as different points throughout the day. Some flowers like Violas won’t bud during the darkest times of the day, so you’re only going to be able to enjoy these splashes of colours during the sunnier points of midday and early afternoon – but that’s when you want to sit out anyway. You can also add some Pansies in here as well, as they’re easy to grow and get flowering, and can have some very bright and vibrant purples, blues, and oranges to their petals.


Get Your Patio Covered Up

If you’re someone who has a bit of a porch or a patio out in your garden, then you’re going to want to shelter it during the winter period. After all, the stones and tiles or decking you’ve laid down is going to need some protection from the weather if you want it to last for a few years longer from now! Not to mention, you’re going to want a safe and dry place to sit whilst the snow or the rain tumbles down around you, and be able to wrap up just as warm as you would be inside without any adverse effects.

That’s where a structure like a gable patio can come in to help you out, and they’re not too expensive or clunky to add into your existing house structure either. Turning your back garden into more of open house to enjoy will have a lot more benefits for you during the spring and summer as well, so you know this investment is going to pay off for a long time to come.


Build a Greenhouse

A greenhouse is a great addition for a winter garden, as you can perfectly control the temperature inside it, as well as grow all kinds of flowers, fruits, and vegetables you want with a bit of artificial light to help simulate the sun. If you’ve got the room within your outdoor space, then you’re going to want to build a structure like this – it doesn’t have to be any bigger than the shed you already have out there, and you can much better simulate the gardening experience. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the cold weather at all, or your knees are getting a bit weak for bending down all the time, a greenhouse is going to sort out all these problems!


Time to Enjoy Your Winter Garden!

Your garden can be an absolute winter wonderland during this festive season. You can even get out there on Christmas day to enjoy the fantasy land you’ve spent time and lots of hard work crafting.

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