Wedding Services You Can Save Money On

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If you have decided to arrange your own wedding, chances are that you have to stick to a strict budget, and that is the reason why you would like to avoid paying event management fees. While it is important that you save money, you also should not compromise on the quality of entertainment, the venue, and the food. Below you will find a few tips on how to save money and make the most out of your budget.


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Wedding photography packages vary from one area to the other. Not to mention that you might be charged for various prints separately. It is better to get a full quote, knowing what you would like to get for your money. When you evaluate each wedding photographer, it is important that you focus on the price value ratio. Ask for the total price including digital versions, prints, and other services.  


You can also save money on your catering if you compare the prices. You might be better off ordering the service through your venue once you book, as many restaurants and hotels have great wedding packages. However, if you would like to keep it simple, you can also get an external catering company in that will provide guests with a menu choice, or even sandwiches and cold refreshments, if you want to cut the costs.


If you don’t want to pay room hire, you have a few options to create the perfect frugal wedding. You can hold the reception in your back garden, use one of your friends’ holiday homes, or simply get a community centre that will cost you much less than a restaurant or a hotel. You can also take care of the custom features, hold the wedding in a marquee on a field, or rent a villa for the day.


You might ask your friends and relatives to become the designated drivers on the day, so you don’t have to pay for the minibus or limo service separately. If some of your guests are arriving by taxi, you might want to get a deal from a local company. In case you have distant relatives living in another area, you will have to ensure that you are arranging free parking spaces with your wedding venue.


If you have friends with a creative trait, you can team up with them to create your custom wedding decoration. Whether you are creating your invitation cards, or would like to make the most out of the table space, there will be some cost-effective options. Get your custom balloons and banners online and save money on wedding planner commissions. Always proofread all the decoration, though, in case something goes really wrong.


If you would like to make your wedding memorable on a budget, it is important that you pay attention to the prices, compare your options, and get help wherever necessary from your guests. The more involved your friends and family members are in planning your big day, the more memorable it will be for everyone.

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