How Your Home Could Actually Make You Happier

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In psychological terms, our homes reflect our state of mind and who we are. The lives we lead are shaped by the four walls around us, and space can have a profound impact on our mood and mental wellbeing. With that in mind, home improvements make perfect sense. Doing up our spaces can have a hugely positive effect on our lives. So start adopting some happy little habits in your home and watch it perk up your life.


Make Your Bed As Soon As You Leave It

It sounds like such a simple thing, but studies have shown that the act of making your bed each morning strongly correlates to healthy habits such a good money management and greater productivity as well as happiness. It all comes about because bed making is part of a group of behaviours called ‘keystone habits’. These are small routines which give meaningful structure to a day, acting as a catalyst for a whole host of great habits that make us happier.


Make Room For Sentiment

A lot of us have beautiful objects or old photographs with powerful associations for us but we seem to hide them away. Reverse that and create a stunning showcase for treasures. Use box frames to show off that heirloom China that reminds you of your Grandmother, or get those family photos off Facebook, printed up and mounted in beautiful frames. This makes your home into a gallery of happy memories that will make you smile every time you pass.


Keep Your Space Passively Tidy

Instead of letting mess and clutter build up, especially if you have chaos making children, adopt a policy of passively tidying. This means taking two or three minutes to return a room to states of readiness before you leave it. In the living room, scoop away toys into an elegant storage ottoman, corral papers and magazines into a leather magazine holder and plump up the cushions on that tan leather sofa so the space is ready for the next time you come into it.


Create A Mindfulness Corner

We all know that life can be extremely hectic, so we need our homes to be calming spaces that offer refuge from the pressures of the outside world. Achieve this by setting aside a space that is all about self-care and mindfulness. It can be as small or as major as you like – from turning the spare room into a yoga studio to setting up a cosy reading corner with an easy chair, a lamp and a footstool. Even busting the clutter in your bathroom and filling it with candles for a calming ritual bubble bath will do! Anything which allows you to slow down, reconnect with yourself and unwind from your day will ultimately have a beneficial effect on your mental health. Over time, simple changes to your home like this really can make you happier. Give it a try today and see what happens!

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