Preparing Your Garden Now For Summer Next Year

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Perhaps the last thing on your mind right now is getting in the garden and thinking about summer, but even though it is winter and it’s cold, you can start to do things now that can have you and your garden prepped and ready for a fantastic summer. Whether it is garden maintenance, or making some big changes to your home when it comes to the outside, here are some of the things that you can do now.


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Take advantage of garden bargains

Your purchases are probably not even remotely garden related at the moment, and that isn’t going to be a surprise for many. However, retailers still have stock and targets to achieve, which means that at this time of year especially, there can be some real bargains to be had. There could be some fantastic lawnmower deals, or maybe the prices have been slashed on furniture for the garden or sheds for storage. Whatever it may be, if it involves the garden, then the deals could be worth making now and storing away in time for the summer months ahead.


Think about landscaping

Not all of us want to be out in our gardens right now, but cold and crisp days are the ideal time to do landscaping and get your garden in shape ready for next year. You could choose to do it yourself, mowing the lawns and sorting the flowerbeds, or you could decide to hire a professional and have it all sorted in half the time. You may also want to think about a redesign now and have the work done during the winter so that you can enjoy the garden when the weather gets a little better. You may even want to think about artificial grass or having flowerbeds built in with things like railway sleepers to make the garden a little less labour intensive in the summer months.


Pruning in the winter means you are ready for spring

Sometimes making some sacrifices in your garden and starting with those bushes and trees can mean that you get better growth in the following year. If you have a particularly dry winter day, get out and start cutting the bushes and trees back. You will start to see how much space you have in your garden, which could inspire you for further development in the future.


Tidy up the leaves and debris

Finally, the autumn and winter months mean that your garden is going to get messy, and one of the obvious ways is through the leaves and debris on the ground. When autumn comes around the leaves start to fall, and as soon as winter hits, they will potentially have covered your whole garden. Take the time to clear them up as soon as you can, as this can avoid it becoming a bigger job when the weather starts to get better and new buds begin to form.


Let’s hope these ideas have you getting your garden ready for summer next year. It will be here before we know it.

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