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Gardening Tips for Winter

Winter is well on its way and there are a few things to sort out in the garden at this time of year. Now I preface this by saying that this is coming from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know too much about gardening. I don’t really enjoy it much either. Despite this, I do like to keep on top of things and have the garden looking tidy. Plus, it does help to organise things now instead of battling a wall of weeds come spring time. Here are my gardening tips for winter.


Cut the Grass

Now that much of your garden has stopped growing, it is time to do the last of the cutting and pruning. In particular, make a point of cutting your grass once more before the garden bins are emptied for the final time this year. Normally they will stop at the end of November. It is best to check with your local council if you’re not sure.

Pick up Leaves

It will also help to clear the last of the autumn leaves. If, like me, your garden has a few trees around it there will be leaves everywhere right now. The easy option would be to leave them lying all over the grass and plants to rot away, believe me I’m tempted. Of course the better option would be to pick them up. It keeps the garden tidy and leaves less mess for you to pick up come spring.

Pull Up the Weeds

Pull up weeds and put down bark to help keep beds tidy. Over the growing season some areas of my garden got quite over grown and I felt like I was fighting a losing battle trying to keep it tidy in the good weather. Now that weeds have stopped growing this is the perfect time to get them under control. I’m going to put a layer of bark over my soil too, to try and keep the weeds at bay next year.

Protect Furniture

Cover any garden furniture, wooden items in particular. A rain and frost become more frequent it has a habit of warping wood that is left exposed. Covering your furniture will help to protect it against the weather and ensure that it lasts you for many summers to come. You can find furniture covers in a variety of colours and qualities on amazon. As an example, we have this one for our picnic bench!

Store Summer Items Away

Bring things like BBQs inside if you can. As with your outdoor furniture, you want to try and protect other items which might be damaged in the winter weather. As our BBQ is metal we like to put it in the garage over winter to stop it from rusting. We’re lucky to have the space to do this of course. If you don’t have anywhere to put it, I imagine that a furniture cover that you might use for a bench or table could do the trick! A lot of them pull tight around the bottom so you could tuck the material in to ensure things are fully protected.


It does sound like a lot of work, but if you follow these winter garden tips and do a bit here and a bit there over the coming weeks you can save yourself a lot of time and effort next year. I’ll be putting my hat and scarf on this weekend and getting my garden sorted before it gets any colder. Let me know how you get on with your own!

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