healthy november update

Healthy November Update

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Earlier this month I declared my plan to have a healthy November. You can read about it here. I will hold my hands up. Given the number of times I have set good intentions to lead a healthier life and then completely failed I was expecting this to be just another attempt. Something was different this time however. This month something clicked. I set my intentions and I have stuck to them. This time it actually worked!


My Progress

With fourteen days behind me I have been able to lose seven pounds so far. Half a stone. In two weeks. I almost fell off the scale when I saw it. If, like me, you are constantly thinking about losing weight and making attempts to do so with no results, you’ll know exactly how shocked I feel.

On top of the weight loss I have seen huge improvements in my skin and energy levels too. My skin is normally incredibly oily and this has reduced a great deal. Yes I still have blemishes and a bit of redness, but the reduction in oiliness alone is so nice to see. The increase in energy is also an wonderful change for me. It is standard for me to reach 3pm and hit a wall of sluggishness and brain fog. I haven’t had a nap in the whole two weeks other than a sleepy Sunday snooze, which we all deserve from time to time.


What I’ve Been Doing

For the first 30 days of my journey I am following a very strict plan to help get me started. With regards to eating and drinking, I have cut out all gluten, dairy, sugar, processed food, alcohol, coffee and any other “bad for you” foods. In their place I am focusing on what you’d expect, a whole lot of vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats.

Water has also been a priority for my progress. I’ve been making a point of drinking a minimum of two litres every day. Not only does staying hydrated keep me full and stop me from snacking. It is also helping my digestion to function well too. I’m no expert and I don’t know the ins and outs of how bodies work. I just know that drinking lots of water is working well for me and so I’ll keep on doing it!


What Will I Do Next?

Whilst this strict diet is working well for me now I won’t be maintaining it for the long term. Using a sort of 80/20 balance I plan to stick to healthy eating habits for the majority of the time, whilst reintroduce my favourite unhealthy things like chocolate, pizza and wine in a balanced way and in small quantities.

I’m doing this for a number of reasons. Firstly, it isn’t healthy for you to remove gluten from your diet entirely unless advised by your doctor due to celiac disease or similar. I will reintroduce it to my meals steadily. The same goes for dairy. I don’t think I get on too well with lactose (the sugar in milk) but I enjoy a lot of foods with it in and can handle it in smaller amounts.

Secondly, I love food of all kinds. Sometimes there is nothing better than sharing a bottle of wine with friends or enjoying a hot chocolate in front of the fire. A huge bowl of pasta makes me happy and sometimes a cheese toastie is just the way to go. The difference is that I now know that whilst I love all of these foods, I don’t NEED them. I’ll enjoy them on occasion instead of every day.

Thirdly, and most relevant to this time of year, Christmas is coming. That means huge meals, chocolate galore, Christmas markets and a lot of drinking. Now that I’m in the way of eating well and fuelling my body in the way it needs I know I will be less likely to give into the temptation of all the festive treats. All the same, I will allow myself to have some of them knowing I’m eating them in moderation.


I’m so excited and happy to see that my efforts are finally giving me some results. I’ll share another update at the end of the 30 days. If you have any questions please do ask them in the comments!


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