word of the week - consistency

Word of the Week – Consistency

Each Friday, I would like to share a word of the week with you. Something that summarises what I’ve been up to, how I’ve felt and how life is generally going. I’d love if you’d share one in the comments. It can be so therapeutic to reflect on what’s been happening, good or bad!


This week I have chosen the word Consistency

Consistency is something I struggle with. I am impatient and have the attention span of a fly, constantly flitting from one thing to another. You’ve heard me speak about the improvements I want to make with my health. Every time I have made an attempt to improve my eating and exercise habits in the past the momentum is lost within a couple of days, at best, and I’m left disappointed in myself and frustrated.

Earlier this week I began reading a book called the slight edge. If you’ve read it before you’ll know exactly why it has caught my attention. If not, let me do my best to explain. The author speaks of the daily actions we all take and advantages or disadvantages they have on all aspects of our lives over time. More importantly, he discusses the attitude we have towards those daily actions.

Take eating for example. It might be that you have an apple each day. In the short term, although you know it is good for you, you don’t see your health improving within 24 hours of eating one. Perhaps you choose to have a doughnut instead. You won’t gain weight and become unwell on the same day that you eat that doughnut either.

But what about in the long term? We all know that eating 30 apples over 30 days is going to have a far different impact on our bodies than having 30 doughnuts. As I read this I had a light bulb moment. I had been so blinkered, focusing only on the handful of days around me and my immediate feelings. I had forgotten that my actions would in fact matter more in the future than they do now.

Now I’m doing my best to practice consistency with a focus, for the moment, on my health. Each time I go to make a small decision, I think about the long term effects it might have and it helps me to remain consistent with my choices. It can be tough and of course when Christmas comes around I will be enjoying the amazing treats (in moderation). For now however, I’m going to choose the apple.

You can read last week’s post here.


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  1. I guess that’s where food diaries come in. Look back and see where we’re going wrong. I have to take myself to task on a regular basis. Sounds like an interesting book. Hope it helps you. #wotw

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      Thanks Cheryl, it has made such a difference so far! Hopefully I can keep on going #WotW

  2. It’s so hard to stick to things isn’t it, and that doughnut is always hanging around in the background forcing temptation. Yes, it’s better to look to the future and the bigger picture, and good habits do come naturally in the end. I had to give up sugary things and it was so hard at first, but now, if I do get tempted I find it makes me feel really sick. Good luck and thanks for joining in with #Wotw xx

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      I actually imagined a doughnut floating around there Anne, haha! I do hope that over time the changes become normal habits for me too 🙂 #WotW

  3. Mummy here and there says:

    Sounds an interesting book. I think sometimes you just have to push your self until it be becomes a habit. Good luck with it X #wotw

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      Absolutely, that’s my goal 🙂 #WotW

  4. That sounds like a really interesting book. It is amazing what a difference little changes can make in the long term although it’s hard to stay focused sometimes when you don’t see the impact in the short term. Glad the book has helped you focus and be more consistent. #WotW

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      It is Louise! Focusing on the long term has always been such a struggle for me so I feel like I’ve had such a breakthrough!

  5. I’ve had a real focus on better eating in the last few days too. That longer term way of looking at it that you mention is so important. When I’d become very overweight a couple of years ago, I realised it was lots of little choices i was making that led me to that. So I started to make lots of little good choices instead and within 6 months I was back to a healthy weight again and it didn’t feel like hard work or like i was missing out because soon my body didn’t miss the sweet stuff. Popping by from #WOTW

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      Amazing Rebecca, well done on making such a difference in just six months! You’re right, it is all of the small things that add up and make the biggest difference #WotW

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