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Trying Boxing for the First Time

As I continue to work on improving my health and reducing my weight, I want to try new ways to exercise. I am in no way interested in going to the gym and while I might attempt running again when my fitness is better, it is not my friend right now. At home workouts are my favourite. They allow me to stay in my comfort zone and I don’t have to worry about how I look sweating away. This week I am trying boxing for the first time.

Last year I bought my better half a punch bag and boxing gloves for valentines day…the most romantic gift I know. He has been out to use it once since he hung it up in the garage, but otherwise the poor thing has just been left there. It seems like such a wasted opportunity so for the first time this week we decided we would give it a go and do a workout together.


My first attempt

I thought it might be quite a nice light workout, which we would do for about an hour and then come in and chill out in front of the TV before bed.

I was wrong.

We were out in the garage for no more than 15 minutes and I was absolutely exhausted! I loved it though, we both did. Sorry to overshare, but I was dripping in sweat by the end of it and had to jump straight in the shower. My arms and legs are aching today as I type this. Normally I would complain about this, but I’m so happy. It means that the exercise had an impact on my body and woke up some muscles that I had clearly forgotten about it.

Finding workouts to follow

The workout we did was nothing fancy. Just a small circuit of five different moves which Mike came up with based on his limited knowledge of the sport. I’m not going to attempt to explain what they are because I don’t know any boxing terminology, but I managed to add in some squats too and now I can’t walk up the stairs like a normal person.

For something a bit more structure, I’d definitely recommend looking online. YouTube is your best friend here, especially as it is free and allows you to trial different instructors. There is a huge variety of workouts available depending on your experience level too. This one looks perfect for beginners to try. As you get used to boxing, you can then adopt new workouts, growing at a pace that suits you.

The equipment we used

The punch bag which I bought is no longer available, but there are so many different options online. This kit from Amazon of punch bag, hanging bracket, gloves and other accessories seems to be perfect if you’re really keen to commit to boxing regularly.

There are other more basic options available, like this punch bag for just over £20. You can even find smaller sets for kids, which look perfect for testing out the sport with little ones without committing too much money straight away. I imagine that the most important thing is having somewhere suitable for your equipment to go. Punch bags in particular are very heavy, so if you don’t have a suitable place to hang one, such as a garage, a floor standing bag might be more suitable.


I’m keen to make this a regular activity, so I’m going to take a look at some more videos to see how I can improve on my form and technique. I’m really excited to see what progress I can make. The look of my arms in particular tends to bother me, so this could be the perfect solution. I’ll keep you updated!


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  1. Boxing is such good exercise! I’d probably end up knocking myself out though ? keep up the good work!

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      Haha! Thankfully that did not happen…this time #WellbeingWonders

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