word of the week - simplify

Word of the Week – Simplify

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Each Friday, I would like to share a word of the week with you. Something that summarises what I’ve been up to, how I’ve felt and how life is generally going. I’d love if you’d share one in the comments. It can be so therapeutic to reflect on what’s been happening, good or bad!

This week I have chosen the word simplify

I have a habit of taking on too many things at once. I get idea after idea and want to not only tackle, but master them all. What happens? It all becomes too much, I begin to stress and then I collapse under the weight.

This week I’ve been learning to simplify things for myself. Getting into a daily routine of what needs done and when with regards to my blogs, my work and my home life in general.

For all of those ideas that won’t start popping up, I now have a designated notebook. When a new ideas appears I grab the notebook and scribble every detail of the idea down on paper. Then I close the notebook knowing that it’s there for when I’m ready to come back to it. It’s definitely helping me so far and I’ve already noticed my head feeling a bit clearer because I’m not trying to hold on to so many thoughts at once.

I’m taking a very similar approach to home stuff too. I have a list as long as my arm of things I’d like to do around the house, but where do I keep it? My head! Today I’m going to sit with a pen and paper and right everything down. We can slowly work our way through the list and add to it as and when we need to. Stuff gets done and once again I stop worrying about it all. Simple!


So there it is, my word of the week and a summary of the past seven days.

You can read last week’s post here.


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  1. Oh yes, I have to do this. My bullet journal is invaluable to me, helping me to get things out of my head and onto paper, and into manageable chunks. I can totally relate! Sounds like you’ve got it sorted now, hope it helps x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      Oh I hope so too Jocelyn, so far it’s working!! I have looked into bullet journaling before, maybe it would be perfect as an ideas journal! #WotW

  2. Writing things down in a notebook helps me too. My brain gets easily overloaded and lately I’ve been losing a lot of things and forgetting to do things. I’m really trying to keep it all together in my notebook now.
    Good luck on your debt free journey, planning is definitely the key and is keeping things simple. I hope it all works out for you.

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      Thank you so much Anne, I’m definitely finding that sharing my journey is helping too. The accountability that comes with being open about my progress makes a world of difference! #WotW

  3. I tend to do the same thing, my head gets so full and if I don’t write it all down I get so overwhelmed. That’s a great idea to focus on only a few weeks ahead at a time I think I need to start doing this too. It sounds like you are putting lots of great systems in place to help. Have a great weekend #WotW

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      It’s definitely making me feel better about my efforts Angela, the numbers are naturally a lot smaller for a two week window so it feels far more achievable! Let me know if you decide to make a new plan for your own debts and how you’re getting on! #WotW

  4. I have to write things down. It really off loads and clears my mind so I can focus on what needs to be done now. I second the use of bullet journals. This September I’ve simplified my cleaning routine, so I can keep to it. It will take less time, so fingers crossed, I can keep it up. It’s amazing how much you can get done with far less stress. Simplify is a good word. #wotw

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      Thanks Cheryl, I definitely think the bullet journals might be the way to go 🙂 I hope you’re new cleaning routine works well for you, I need to do something similar with mine! #WotW

  5. Breaking things down and simplifying them does make life so much easier. I like your idea of focusing on budgeting for two weeks – it sounds much less daunting than trying to focus on the bigger picture. I always finding writing down tasks helps when they get a bit overwhelming and if they are very overwhelming then categorising then as “essential”, “desirable” and “if time allows” helps me to focus on what really needs to happen. Good luck with working through your list. #WotW

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      I love that idea Louise, I’m going to try using categories too! I have a habit of going with the most appealing task first, instead of the most important so this will definitely help me 🙂 Thank you! #WotW

  6. Ahh! A notebook is a fab idea to jot your ideas down…It sounds like it is a great help. Simplifying things sounds very sensible. #WotW

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      It’s helping already Kim!! Seems the way to go 🙂 #WotW

  7. I think that writing your ideas down and giving yourself headspace is a brilliant idea. I know I always have thousands of things swimming around my brain at anyone time and it gets overwhelming. Likewise dealing wit your debt in bit size chunks sounds like a very sensible alternative. #wotw

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      Thanks Louisa, it definitely feels easier to handle everything already! #WotW

  8. Mummy here and there says:

    Yes sometimes I need slow down and focus on what is important and delicate other things. It an be more productive as you are not rushing around like a headless chicken X #wotw

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      Exactly! Fewer things means you actually have a chance of getting some of them finished! #WotW

  9. I know how this feels. I am for the longest time have been doing this. Doing everything in one go but not finishing anything. Simplify is a good word to live by =)

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      Thank you Merlinda 🙂 It’s definitely a good point to make, starting too many things often means you don’t finish any of them!

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