weigh in wednesday - week four

Weigh in Wednesday | Week Four

Each Wednesday I will be linking up with Rebecca from Becca Blogs it Out to share my weight loss and fitness progress through Weigh in Wednesday. We’d love you to join in! You can find the link at the bottom of this post.

You can catch up on last week’s post here.


Today’s Weigh In

My starting weight was 13st 12lbs

As of today, August 15th 2018, I weigh 13st 13lbs. I’ve stayed the same again this week, but I’m not disappointed. I’ll attach a screen shot of my step count from the last week below. Look at the difference! My total wasn’t quite 2000 steps every single day, however my step total came to 28,088. As a comparison my total last week was 12,431.

My measuring tape isn’t to hand this morning so I’m going to make a point of taking all of my measurements again next week. My weight might not be vastly different but I am feeling better!

step count - weigh in wednesday week four


Changes I Could Make to Progress

Sitting here with a small glass (cough) of cider as I type up my post for Weigh in Wednesday this week, I have had a little light bulb moment. While I wouldn’t say I drink far too much every single week, I definitely drink more than I should do sometimes, especially as someone who is actively trying to lose weight. As much as I love a good ale, it always leaves me feeling bloated and that definitely isn’t motivating!

I’m not going to cut every single drop of wine, beer and gin out of my life. What I will do is make a bit more of an effort to be conscious of either how much I have or what I am drinking. Gin for example, is far lower in calories than beer. Simple changes should definitely help me see and improvement in my progress.


Thoughts for this Week

The week ahead won’t be the quietest. We have a leaving-do on Friday evening and then a friend visiting on Saturday and Sunday so you just know I will be eating out at least once and the aforementioned alcohol will be involved. Weigh in Wednesday is really helping me to be more aware of my actions, so I’ll be sure to pay attention to my food and drink choices in the coming days.

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  1. I’m sure making smarter alcohol choices will make a big difference! Good luck for next week! #WeighinWednesday

    1. Sunshine and Rain says:

      As long as stress levels remain low I will be fine! haha Thank you 🙂 #WeighinWednesday

  2. Well done on the steps increase! It’s actually very hard to build those up if you have a job that ties you to a room or desk. Keep it up! x

    1. Thank you jo! It’s been quite an active week so that’s helped a lot. Hopefully I can keep it up now 🙂 #WeighinWednesday

  3. Well done on the steps increase! It is not that easy, especially if you have a job that ties you to a room or desk.

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