my goals for august 2018

My Goals for August 2018

My Goals for August 2018

We are now in another new month and it is time for me to set my goals for August 2018. Finding balance between work, blogging and personal growth is prominent once again in my targets.

Firstly, how did I get on with last month’s goals? Well, both blogs launched successfully! I’m keeping up with a manageable routine of three posts a week and I am really enjoying writing, it’s very therapeutic. I did lose a couple of pounds…and then I put them on again. You can catch my weight loss update here. I am blaming several BBQs and a wedding. Don’t judge me. I haven’t been so good with the hobbies. I have however spent a lot of time in the garden with family and friends…see the aforementioned BBQs.

Here are my day to day life goals for August:
  • Figure out how to balance freelance work and blogging. This is something that I’ve found quite tricky this month. My freelancing is the only work that pays me at the moment and so it requires my undivided attention. I am discovering however that blogging requires your attention throughout the day
  • Continue working on my weight loss. So last month didn’t go too well, that’s ok. I have reflected on my poor eating and lack of activity and I know what I need to do in August to improve and make progress.
  • Begin preparing for Christmas. Don’t shout at me! I know it’s early, but I really want to be prepared for Christmas this year, financially more than practically. I’ve started by setting a basic budget and I will begin planning out gifts and looking for good deals to get the ball rolling.
  • Walk 2000 steps a day. This is another goal related to my #weighinwednesday journey. As I work from home my step count is always very low. I know that the simple act of moving more will have a huge impact on my health and my weight and so this is something I really want to focus on. Hopefully, come September 1st, I will be telling you that I nailed this goal and will be upping it to 2,500 per day. That’s an extra 15,000 steps a month!


There we are. A few more simple but important goals.

I’ll make sure to keep you updated with my progress!



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