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Sunday Comforts | Fresh Air

I’m a creature of comforts. Blankets, jumpers, soft PJs, a good cuppa; I love them all. So I thought it would be fun to begin a weekly post called Sunday Comforts. Every Sunday I will share a little snippet of something that makes my heart happy. It can be so therapeutic, especially on bad days, to take a moment to reflect on the small things in life that make you smile.

Sunday Comforts – Fresh Air

This week’s Sunday comforts choice is a very simple one, but it’s a favourite of mine. It’s also completely free and always available which is a big bonus. Fresh air!

Whether I’m having a really tough day dealing with waves of anxiety or I am just busy and need a minute to pause, fresh air is something I find a lot of joy and calm in. Right now I’m sitting in the back room of the house with the door wide open writing this. There is a lovely breeze coming in from the garden and it is really soothing. I’m focused on what I’m doing and I just feel content in my environment.

Sometimes I’ll go for a walk to blow away the cobwebs and sometimes I’ll just stick my head out the window and take a deep breath. I must look a bit strange to my neighbours now that I think about it…oh well!

I purposefully sleep with my bedroom window open when it’s warm enough to do so because I love the smell so much. Stubbornly, I only close the window when the air gets cold enough to give me a scratchy throat. Then I give in to a few months of winter.

One of my favourite days of the year is when spring arrives and I get to open all of the windows in the house for the first time and just let the place breath. Some time around February or March (if we don’t get the snow that we did this year!) it is just about warm enough to open the windows without the fear of losing a days worth of heating. The house is aired and ready for the heat to arrive!

This week’s Sunday comforts is definitely a simple one, but it’s something I find a lot of joy in. It’s nice to pause life for a second and just take a deep breath.


Is there something you would like me to cover on a future Sunday? Let me know in the comments!

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