A Bit About Me

As my blog is brand new, I thought it might be nice to write a bit about me, Emma.

You’ll have spotted in my previous posts that I like to blabber on a bit, so I’ll keep this one nice and simple.

5 things about me:

  • I’m from Glasgow but I live in Liverpool. During university I met a handsome scouse boy. After a couple of years together at uni and a couple more years of long distance, we decided to settle in Liverpool and I love it here! The people are friendly and the city is just as lively and filled with culture as Glasgow is. It’s a very happy city.
  • I studied Architecture at university and could qualify as an Architect…but I probably won’t. After six years of studying, it took just a couple of months of working in an office to figure out that this wasn’t what I wanted to do. I didn’t travel far though, I now freelance in architectural drawing instead. More on this in a future post.
  • I’m getting married next year! I’m a little bit scared, but mostly excited. Being the centre of attention is possibly my least favourite thing, but I cannot wait to marry my handsome scouse boy. (I swear, he does have a name) The planning is going really well and so far we haven’t experienced an ounce of stress. Touch wood
  • I love my comforts. Jumpers, blankets, candles, cosy dinners, naps, chocolate, all the above please! They make me so happy. So much so, I’ve actually considered beginning a blog post series called Sunday comforts sharing something new every week. Would you enjoy reading that?
  • I would love to be a professional illustrator one day. As you’ll have seen if you have ready My Goals for July post I really enjoy drawing and painting and I want to devote more time to it as a hobby, however in the future I’m really keen to take it to a professional level. I hold my hands up, I’m not entirely sure how I would go about this but it’s always floating around in the back of my thoughts.


Thank you so much for reading. If you’re visiting for the first time, say hello in the comments!


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